PATA Indonesia Chapter (PIC) acts as a catalyst for the responsible development of the travel industry. Since it bridges between the public and private sectors it can help enhance sustainable growth, influence tourism policy, add value to the product and increase the quality of the offering.

PIC will help promote Indonesia as a destination, filling in the gaps in promotion, advertising and marketing the Ministry of Tourism,  local tourism bodies and the private sector cannot fulfill.

It aims to be influential, provide top level networking and represent the industry to the government and the government to the industry.

Its “2020 Vision” to attract 20 million visitors to Indonesia by 2020 is the Primary focus of PIC, with all members dedicated to improving the fortunes of the nation through increased tourism revenues.


Board of Management PATA Indonesia

Chairman : Dr. S.D. Darmono

President/CEO :
Purnomo Siswoprasetjo, MBA

Executive Director :
Dr. Agus Canny, M.A., M.Sc.

Partnership Director :
Michael Rino, S.E., MBA.

Secretary General :
Ningsih Chandra, M.Si.
Executive Secretary :
PATA Indonesia Daily :
Gabriel Bobby